Guide Your Children to Good Oral Health Habits

Oral health habits for children should start early in life. Making oral health fun, educational, and normal will encourage your children to always care about their teeth.

Start Dental Visits as Early as Possible

Begin the emphasis on good oral health by taking your child to the dentist when their first tooth pops up. This will be a good time for the dentist to examine your child’s mouth. Plus, after this initial visit, make a commitment to visit the dentist every six months.

Use Oral Care Products Made for Children

Your child will be much more willing to brush their teeth when they have a toothbrush they can relate to. Choose from princess to superhero designs. Keep in mind that toothbrushes made for children have a smaller and softer head; making it easier for them to brush each tooth. Also, don’t forget to change it out once every three months.

On a side note, if you choose toothpaste made for a child, the flavor won’t be so overpowering. This will encourage your child to brush their teeth. Not only that, they will be more likely to brush for the two minute recommendation.

Develop a Routine

You have probably developed many different routines for your children. However, do your children follow a consistent routine for brushing teeth?

  • Set rules that teeth must be brushed before leaving the house in the morning and before going to bed at night.
  • Purchase a stopwatch, timer, or clock that stays in the bathroom. Your children should use this to make sure they are getting two minutes of brushing.
  • Have your children use a fluoride product at least once a day. Fluoride will strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent cavities. You can check the toothpaste labels for added fluoride. Fluoride mouthwashes are also available. Of course, you can always check with your dentist to see what they recommend.

As you develop a routine early, your children should independently be brushing and flossing by the age of 8.