Drink Wine For Dental Health? Beverage Do’s And Don’ts For Healthy Teeth

Choosing the right beverages to drink daily can make a huge difference in the health of your teeth. Beverages are often sipped slowly, so if you are bathing your teeth in liquids every day, make sure you’re choosing the right ones. 

Beverage Do #1: Red Wine

Red wine has been praised in the medical industry for its high antioxidant content, and it is now being recognized by dentists as well. A recent study shows that red wine kills bacteria that cause cavities. It was not the alcohol in the wine that killed the bacteria either, as alcohol-free red wine was just as deadly to the bacteria as the alcohol-filled version. 

Remember this study next time you are offered a glass of wine. Choose red and drink slowly to improve your oral health. 

Beverage Do #2:  Coffee Without Sugar

You may drink coffee to energize yourself in the morning, but you may want to consider increasing your coffee consumption by adding a cup of decaf in the evening. Why? A recent study has shown that a substance called trigonelline that is present in all coffee prevents cavities. This substance reduces the ability of a common bacterium that causes cavities, Streptococcus mutans, to stick to teeth. 

Arabica coffee contains more of this substance than robusta does, so use this as an excuse to splurge on that bag of fresh-roasted arabica coffee. It is an investment in your health. 

Beverage Don’t #1: Sweet Cocktails

Remember that the alcohol in red wine is not what kills oral bacteria. This means you cannot drink a cocktail that is filled with juice and sugary mixers for the health of your teeth. Sipped slowly all evening, these sugar-bombs can promote cavities. That splash of lime juice can also add just the right amount of citric acid to wear down your tooth enamel. 

You may also be too tired to brush after a late night drinking, which means the sugar will have all night to erode your teeth. 

Beverage Don’t #2: Takeout Smoothies

You may make healthy smoothies at home, but grabbing one at a local fast-food restaurant is just more convenient. Smoothies from juice bars and fast-food restaurants are often heavy on the sugar that causes cavities and low on the healthy stuff you add at home. 

Make your smoothies at home to turn this don’t into a do. Start with frozen low-acid, low-sugar fruits, such as strawberries and blueberries. Add a big scoop of cavity-fighting yogurt, then a little milk. Blend for a much healthier smoothie that doesn’t have nearly as much cavity-promoting sugar. 

Choosing beverages that support good dental health is as important as choosing healthy foods. If you follow these recommendations, don’t be surprised if your dentist finds fewer cavities during your next dental exam. 

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